The Carlsbad Battered Families Shelter was founded in June of 1982. Articles of Incorporation and By Laws were created and volunteers were recruited. In August of 1982, CBFS became a 501c3 agency and the Articles of Incorporation were filed with the State Corporation Commission of New Mexico. CBFS originally consisted of a committee and a telephone number. CBFS expanded to recruit additional volunteers and the hiring of an Executive Director.

In December of 1982, a small 2-bedroom building was located to begin operations with a paid staff. Volunteers primarily helped to assist the shelter. Funding gradually increased as well as programs and a full-time staff with an operating budget of approximately $377,862 annually.

In September of 2003, planning and designing began for a new shelter facility. The new shelter was completed and opened it’s doors in December of 2007. The new facility can house 40 homeless victims of domestic violence and provides excellent security and confidentiality. During the year 2008, a weekly parenting and nutrition program were added. During the year 2009, the shelter added two additional staff members and drastically increased our volunteer base.

CBFS is currently providing computer literacy to clients as well as group outings and field trips. In 2017 CBFS added the Batterer Intervention Program (BIP), survivors group, child witness group, resume building, as well as providing local resource information to our clients.